Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)

Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)

Linux Server Administrator in Dhaka



Red Hat Linux System Administrator-I 

Red Hat Linux System Administrator-II

New Course Level : Mid level
Course Title : Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)
Trainer Name : Arafat Zahan
Total Classes : 32 (Minimum)
Per Class Duration : 2 hours
Total Hours : 64 Hours
Course Enroll Fee : 10,000 TK
Current Course Fee  : 15,000 TK
Total Seats : 15

Course Outline  :



  • Red Hat System Administration 1
  • Installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 using vmware workstation

Understanding the Command Line

  • Accessing the command line using the Local & remote Console
  • Access & view the Command Line Using the Desktop
  • Lab Session on the GNOME 3 Desktop Environment
  • Executing & Implementing Commands Using the Bash Shell
  • Lab: Accessing the Command Line

Operate Files & Directories  From the Command Line

  • Overview of the Linux File System Hierarchy
  • Locating Files by Name
  • Lab : Locating Files and Directories
  • Command-Line Tools
  • Matching File Names Using Path Name
  • Lab: Managing Files with Shell Expansion

Various useful command to get help in RHEL

  • man Command
  • Lab: Using the man Command
  • Reading Documentation Using pinfo Command
  • Lab: Using the pinto Command
  • Reading Documentation in /usr/share/doc
  • Practice: Viewing Package Documentation
  • Getting Help From RedHat
  • Lab session on Creating and Viewing an SoS Report

Viewing, Creating & and Editing Text Files

  • Redirecting Output to a File or Program
  • I/0 Redirection
  • Editing Text Files 
  • Lab on Editing & viewing file with Vim
  • Editing Text Files with a Graphical Editor
  • Lab Copying Text Between Windows
  • Lab: Creating, Viewing, and Editing Text Files

User Management

  • Understanding different types of groups and creation of groups
  • Creation of users in different groups
  • Understanding Passwd, Shadow Files
  • Understanding passwd aging
  • Creation of quotas for users, groups and file systems
  • Understanding users security files
  • password aging policy using chage commands

Permissions in Linux 

  • Linux File System Permissions
  • User based Permissions group
  • Permission types
  • Practice: Managing File Security from the Command Line
  • Managing Default Permissions and File Access
  • Practice: Controlling New File Permissions and Ownership

Linux Processes

  • Processes
  • Lab Session on Processes Management
  • Controlling Jobs
  • Lab: Background and Foreground Processes
  • Killing Processes
  • Practice: Killing Processes
  • Monitoring Process Activity

Managing Services and Daemons

  • Controlling Services and Daemons
  • Identifying Automatically Started System Processes
  • Lab session on using systemctl to Manage & Controlling Services & Daemons

Configuring and Securing SSH Service  

  • Accessing the Remote Command Line with SSH
  • Practice: Accessing the Remote Command Line
  • Configuring SSH Key-based Authentication
  • Practice: Using SSH Key-based Authentication
  • Customizing SSH Service Configuration
  • Practice: Restricting SSH Logins
  • Lab: Configuring and Securing OpenSSH Service

Analyzing Logs

  • System Log Architecture – System Logging
  • Lab to understand System Logging Components
  • Overview of System log  Files
  • Finding Log Entries
  • Lab: Analyzing and Storing Logs

Managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Networking

  • Networking Concepts
  • Practice: Networking Concepts
  • Validating Network Configuration
  • Practice: Examining Network Configuration
  • Configuring Networking with nmcli
  • Configuring Host Names and Name Resolution
  • Practice: Configuring Host Names and Name Resolution
  • Lab: Managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Networking

Archiving and Copying Files Between Systems

  • Managing Compressed tar Archives
  • Practice: Backing Up and Restoring Files From a tar Archive
  • Copying Files Between Systems Securely
  • Practice: Copying Files Over the Network With scp
  • Synchronizing Files Between Systems Securely
  • Practice: Synchronizing Two Directories Securely With rsync
  • Lab: Archiving and Copying Files Between Systems

Installing and Updating Software Packages

  • How to attach Systems to Subscriptions for Software Updates
  • RPM Software Packages and Yum
  • Managing Software Updates with yum
  • Practice: Installing and Updating Software with yum

Linux File Systems

  •     Overview about Linux File Systems
  •     Identify File Systems and Devices
  •     Practice Lab Session
  •     Mounting and Unmounting File Systems
  •       Various Practice Lab Session



  • Red Hat System Administration II
  • Installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Automating Installation with kickstart

  • Overview of kickstart Server
  • Features & configuration of kickstart server
  • Deploying a new virtual system with kickstart
  • Practice Lab Sessions

Regular expressions with grep or pattern matching

  • Overview of pattern matching
  • Regular expressions fundamental
  • Match the regular expressions
  • Practice Lab Sessions

Vim Editor – Creating & Editing text files

  • Overview of Vim Editor
  • Different versions & modes of Vim
  • Command Mode, Ex Mode & Exit Mode
  • Use of Yank in Vim
  • Practice Lab Sessions

Scheduling cron jobs

  • at command – scheduling one-time job
  • Practice Lab sessions
  • Practice Lab Sessions

Access control Lists ACL’s

  • Overview of ACL
  • Use of command getfacl & setfacl
  • Default ACL
  • Securing files with ACLs
  • Practice Lab Sessions

Disks, Partitions, and File Systems to a Linux System

  • Overview of Disks & partitions
  • Partition tables , MBR Schemes and GPT
  • Primary, Extended & Logical partitions
  • Practice Lab Sessions

Logical Volume Manager Administration

  • LVM Architecture Overview
  • LVM Components
  • LVM Logical Volumes
  • LVM Administration with CLI Commands
  • Using CLI Commands
  • Physical Volume Administration
  • Removing Volume Groups

NFS Network File Systems

  • Overview of NFS Server
  • Installation and configuration of NFS Server
  • Service in nfs
  • rpc, rpcbind services
  • How nfs works?
  • Configuration file in NFS


  • Overview of firewalld in RHEL 7
  • Features of firewalld & its advantages over iptables
  • firewalld components
  • how packet flows
  • Limiting network communications
  • Practice Lab Sessions

Managing SELinux Security

  • Introduction – SELinux
  • SELinux Security Concepts

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