How to be a jQuery Master

How to be a jQuery Master

jQuery Training Center in Dhaka

Course Title : How to be a jQuery Master
Trainer Name : MD. Mashfiqur Rahman
Total Classes : 10 (Minimum)
Per Class Duration : 2 hours
Total Hours : 20 Hours
Course Enroll Fee : 10000 TK
Total Seats : 10-12
Course Outline:


  • Introduction


      1. Welcome To The Complete jQuery Course!
      2. How To Use This Course To Gain Its Maximum Benefits & Learn jQuery Quickly
      3. A Quick Overview of JavaScript and jQuery
      4. Overview of JavaScript Frameworks
      5. Setting Up The Editor


  • Effects – Animations


      1. Setting Up The jQuery Project
      2. Fading In Elements (and Fading Them Out Again)
      3. A Pitfall With fadeIn/fadeOut vs. fadeTo
      4. Showing And Hiding Elements
      5. Sliding Elements Up And Down
      6. Moving Elements
      7. Get Creative: Custom Animations!
      8. Delaying and Chaining Animations
      9. Timing Animations Using Callback Functions
      10. Coding Activity: Creating a Signup Lightbox!


  • Element Selectors


      1. Using CSS Selectors in jQuery
      2. jQuery Methods for Traversal
      3. jQuery Methods for Filtering


  • Manipulating the DOM I – Inserting, Replacing and Removing Elements


      1. What is the DOM?
      2. Adding New Elements to the DOM
      3. Replacing Elements and Content
      4. Removing Elements and Content
      5. Manipulating Attributes and Properties
      6. Coding Activity: Creating an Image Slideshow!


  • Manipulating the DOM II – Changing Element Data and CSS


      1. Changing the CSS Properties of Elements
      2. Adding or Removing CSS Classes
      3. Changing the Data of an Element
      4. Retrieving and Changing the Content of an Element


  • Events I ‒ Handling Mouse Events & Keyboard Events


      1. What are Events and Event Handlers?
      2. Adding Click Handlers
      3. Adding Hover Handlers
      4. Adding MouseEnter & MouseLeave Handlers
      5. Adding the Same Handler for Multiple Events
      6. Modularizing Event Handlers (No More Inline Functions)
      7. Delegated Events
      8. Passing Additional Data to Events
      9. Coding Activity: Creating an Image Gallery with Lightbox Preview
      10. Handling KeyDown & KeyUp Events


  • Events II ‒ Forms


      1. The Focus & Blur Events
      2. Using the Change Event
      3. Handling the Submit Event
      4. Coding Activity: Complete Form Validation on Submit
      5. Coding Activity: Fast Feedback Form


  • Ajax with jQuery

      1. What is Ajax?
      2. Fetching a Server File with jQuery
      3. Retrieving Flickr Images Through the Flickr API (+Understanding JSON)
      4. Coding Activity: Retrieving Pokémon Data from The PokéAPI (Or Star Wars)
      5. Coding Activity: Improving the Pokédex


  • Conclusion


      1. Course Summary and Conclusion! What Have We Learned In This Course?
      2. Want More?! Watch Our Special Bonus Lecture & Continue Learning With Us Today!


  • Student wise Individual Projects


  • Final Exam & Result Publishing
  • Farewell & conclusion
5th Floor (Lift Button-4), BBTOA Building,
9 No South Kallyanpur, Mirpur Road, Dhaka 1207
Phone: +88 02 8091125
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