Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development


Duration: 3 months
(2 hours a day, 2 days a week)


Prev BDT 25000/-

Current BDT 15000/-

Seat No: 15

Course Outline

Get started

       1.1: Android Studio and Hello World

       1.2 Part A: Your first interactive UI

       1.2 Part B: The layout editor

       1.3: Text and scrolling views

       1.4: Learn to help yourself

Activities and intents

    2.1: Activities and intents

    2.2: Activity lifecycle and state

    2.3: Implicit intents

Debugging, Testing and Support library using

         3.1: The debugger

         3.2: Unit tests

         3.3: Support libraries

Interaction with UI elements

           4.1: Clickable images

           4.2: Input controls

           4.3: Menus and pickers

           4.4: User navigation

           4.5: RecyclerView

User experience improve

            5.1: Drawables, styles, and themes

            5.2: Cards and colors

            5.3: Adaptive layouts

UI Testing

            6.1: Espresso for UI testing

Background tasking

                 7.1: AsyncTask

                 7.2: AsyncTask and AsyncTaskLoader

                 7.3: Broadcast receivers


Notification and Scheduler

                   8.1: Notifications

                   8.2: The alarm manager

                   8.3: JobScheduler

User data and preference store

                 9.1: Shared preferences

                 9.2: App settings

Local database handle

                   10.1 Part A: Room, LiveData, and ViewModel

                   10.1 Part B: Create, Read, Update, Deleting data from a Room

Advanced Android Developer


1.1: Fragments

1.2: Fragment communication

Customize widget for your app

2.1: App widgets Lesson


3.1: Getting sensor data

3.2: Sensor-based orientation

Performance improving

4.1: Profile GPU Rendering & Layout Inspector tools

4.2: Memory Profiler tool

Create local app

5.1: Add language support

5.2: Use locale to format data



6.1: Accessibility in android

6.2: Create accessible apps

Adding Map functionality to your app

7.1: Device location

8.1: Places API

9.1: Google Maps

UI Customize

10:1: Customize View

11.1: Create and draw on Canvas

11.2: SurfaceView Objects


12.1: Animation

Playing video from local and external link

13.1: Play video in VideoView

Server handle

14.1: Firebase Realtime

14.2: FireStore Cloud Database

14.3: RESTful API with Volley or Retrofit


15.1: Architecture Components

15.2: Android MVVM, MVP, MVC Architecture

Earning money with Google AdSense

16.1: Monetization through Google AdSense

Publish app

17.1: Google searchable indexing

17.2: Building Signed APK and App bundle

17.3: Store Listing, Configure Rating and upload Application to play store


18.1: Four practical project will be built on student’s interest


5th Floor (Lift Button-4), BBTOA Building,
9 No South Kallyanpur, Mirpur Road, Dhaka 1207
Phone: +88 02 8091125
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